Hello, World!

Hello, World!

After years of wanting to put up my own blog, I finally did it! I’ve been making excuse after excuse and finally decided it was time to get something moving.

A little background info

This is actually the first site I’ve gotten up from scratch, which was a pretty big undertaking considering my limited experience in the web world. Putting up a generic WordPress site is straight forward, but limits your control of the site. Because of this, I decided to get out of my comfort zone and write a theme from scratch, and I’m glad I did!

What I’ve learned is that if you care about a project, you will keep tinkering and expanding the scope indefinitely. Because of this, I decided to get the bare minimum up and running before working on all the “extras” to save me from myself. This means I’ll be actively working on the site, so forgive me if everything blows up all of a sudden.

What’s this site about?

Well, to be honest, I want to improve my own knowledge in the tech world, and this will give me a platform to do so.

What do I hope the outcome will be?

I’m hoping that through some of my experiences and research I’ll be able to benefit others. I’ve gotten to where I am today through the work others have shared, and I’d love to pay it back.


    Greg Heo on

    First p0st!

    I am working on a tutorial sharing website. I really like your vision. Would you be interested in contributing work? I have over nine years of experience in programming and engineering and currently I am working on writing, videotaping, and thoroughly documenting several programming and electronics tutorials to feature on dannyvigo.com when it is completed. I have also created a custom web text editor that is at it’s roots tied to the website’s core functionality so that users can easily write, edit, and share their tutorials. The editor allows users to add a variety of media content through the media manager which is the next largest component of the site. Currently I am working on integrating the whole thing to all sorts of social media outlets to make the content easily available to anyone. So what do you say?

    Miro ILIC on

    Hi Eric,
    I need your help to build some IOS App for Iphone6, using Bluetooth BLE and my microchip I/O Board
    The idea is to have list of commands on my phone, each time I press a button on my phone, the Iphone will send RS232 9600 bauds ( 2 bytes , 1 System + 1 COmmand ) to my I/O Board via Bluetooth
    I am new in IOS Programming but very good hardware deveopping knwoledge in electronic devices using microchip processors.
    Please respond to me . I am located in France, near Paris.

    ВалокПудож on

    RE:Hello, World! – Eric Cerney Валок Borgault Сычёвка

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