This is the list of all my projects (not complete)

Some Recent Apps
  • Zazzle – This was by far the most advanced app I have worked on. The amount of UI, custom components, and complex backend make it really stand out from other iOS apps.
  • Cornell Birding App – I’m really proud about how well this app has taken off in the birding community. It was made for Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology to use their database for live bird tracking and identification. This is my highest rated app.
  • BirdsEye NA – Separate app for a client who helps with Cornell algorithms as well as the backend for retrieving data. This app is aimed for the average birder to find, identify, and learn about birds around North America. There are also many other versions of the same app for different continents around the world.
  • WineBuys – This app was a really fun one to work on. It was for a company who wanted to bring social networking to the wine industry. It successfully launched and got noticed by an agency who decided to back them. Unfortunately they had their own dev team so we had to let go of the project, and it has since gone down hill.
Because we are a dev shop with continually changing clients, I always have my hand in quite a few projects. Some more notable companies include General Electric and TOMS Shoes.